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Synexus is the largest trials management and patient recruitment organisation in Europe. It carries out clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies, managing patients throughout later stage clinical trials in primary and secondary care, and in disease prevention. Drugs at this stage of development have already completed several trials on humans. At acquisition it operated from 14 sites across six countries and today it has 24 sites in 8 countries including South Africa, India, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.


Lyceum Capital’s market-mapping highlighted the attractiveness of the pharmaceutical research support services sector for investment. Regulatory drivers and a focus on efficiency throughout the drug development process has created demand for cost-effective trials, capable of quickly reaching out to many patients and delivering consistent, high-quality clinical outcomes.

Whilst Synexus had a strong operational reputation, the business lacked scale and needed capital to grow faster.


In order to build a global business that is the clear market leader, our strategy has focused on:


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