Compact Media Group


Compact Media Group is an independent full-service intellectual property (IP) rights management company with significant experience in the film and television industry.

The business provides a broad range of services designed to help its clients gain long-term value from their content rights.

Client numbers have gone from 362 to 630 since the MBO. The company now represents an increasing number of US, European and Australian clients and has distributed almost USD500m of royalties since inception.

We are helping Compact Media Group capitalise on rising international demand for multi-jurisdiction rights management services


Compact’s services are in high demand, particularly in the media sector where changing technology makes the process of recouping royalties increasingly complex.


Lyceum Capital and management focussed on building Compact into a market-leading administrator and provider of media owners’ rights by:

“Compact’s continued success is based on the quality of its core offering and the expansion of its services through complementary acquisitions.” Daniel Adler, Partner at Lyceum Capital and Compact Media Group board member