With their track record of offering the expertise and financial backing for complementary bolt-on acquisitions, we felt that Lyceum was the perfect investment partner.

Neil Thackray, CEO, AgriBriefing


AgriBriefing is a provider of business-to-business information and is the UK’s fastest growing agriculture information company.

Its products provide essential information and decision making tools to farmers and stakeholders across the wider agriculture industry as well as a suite of products aimed at senior decision makers in the media industry.


The UK’s agricultural output has grown 8% per annum since 2007 and food security is increasingly on the economic agenda.

There are over 200,000 farm holdings in the UK and the market is undergoing change as precision farming, technological change and rising global food demand all create a need for high quality relevant information tools.

The agriculture market is non-cyclical and underpinned by a structural shortage of available land and food output from farming relative to population growth and demand. This is leading to food producers needing to use information to optimise their yield and has created a vibrant community for their supplier base to be more creative in how they build brand awareness and sell their products.


Lyceum Capital is working with management to deliver an organic and acquisitive growth strategy that includes:

  • Widening the customer base through organic initiatives and product development
  • Leveraging the Company’s online tools to create brand stickiness with a wider audience
  • Developing products that can be embedded into farmers’ daily workflow
  • Pursuing a number of focused acquisitions


With our support AgriBriefing has:

  • Completed the acquisition of Global Data Systems, which broadened AgriBriefing’s data and analytics capabilities in the meat, biotechnology and animal feed sectors
  • Acquired US-based data provider Urner Barry that focuses on poultry, egg, meat, seafood and other protein-related segments of the food industry
  • Transformed its revenue base to be >70% recurring and re-occurring and >50% international