Since Lyceum was founded 18 years ago, we have invested in more than 140 businesses. We focus on B2B services and technology companies and have a strong track record of helping them to realise their full potential.

Our Current Investments

Lyceum is one of Britain’s oldest and most successful private equity firms.
The Times
I’ve worked with a number of private equity firms but Lyceum is different. Many firms talk about teamwork, but those like Lyceum that create genuine partnerships are rare.
Martin Leuw, Chairman, Clearswift
Proven experience, operational expertise and industry expertise make Lyceum the perfect partner for the company’s next stage of growth.
Peter Knight, Founder, Adapt
Lyceum’s operational framework was a really effective tool for pulling things together and they’ve brought clarity to strategic thinking.
Chris Bayne, CEO, Access Group
Lyceum’s practical support helped us work through various issues we faced, including with the bank, where their relationship was crucial.
Christophe Berthoux, CEO, Synexus