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Compact Media


Compact is an independent rights administrator and distributor of royalties for TV, film and music, providing a broad range of services which maximise income for intellectual property rights owners.

The firm represents over 300 companies including BBC Worldwide, ITV Global Entertainment, Channel 4 and Discovery Communications and by November 2010 had successfully claimed and distributed over €125 million in royalties on behalf of its worldwide clients.


Demand for Compact’s services is growing as the ability to recoup royalties is vital to the financial wellbeing of media content owners, while evolving technology is making the process of identifying and collecting increasingly complex.

Lyceum Capital’s detailed research into the media sector identified Compact Media Group as an innovative, growing firm operating in a complex and increasingly important area of the industry.


To continue building Compact into a market-leading service provider to media owners rights administrator our strategy is focused on:


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